State Employees, Inc. (SEI) is a non-profit organization that’s been around over 50 years! SEI offers discounts to state employees as a benefit for working for the state.  County or city employees do not qualify to be SEI members, only state government employees. The way to become a member is to find a SEI rep closest to your office and pay them $3.00/year for membership.  It’s that simple! Search for a rep closest to you by visiting our rep page.

SEI is composed of a small Board of volunteers. The President –  Sabrina Sutter, Treasurer –  Coley Gillis and Secretary – Linda Bowker.


An SEI rep is a state employee who volunteers to be a point of contact for their organization to communicate SEI offers to their members. A rep could be located in the same building or a location close to them. They are responsible to sign state employees up for SEI membership, email discount announcements to their members, collect and send in payments for membership and tickets to the SEI treasurer, keep track of their members’ name and expiration dates. If you’re interested in being a rep, please contact us.