State Employees, Inc.

As of 4/1/2022

STATE EMPLOYEES INC has extended the opportunity for the following agencies to join our organization and gain access to the same benefits as our state and federal employees:

-City, county and township employees
-School institutions and staff (teachers, principals, admins)
-Emergency Medical Technicians
-Police Department and Staff (officers. managers, front desk, etc)
-Fire Department (Fire fighters, office staff)

-Health Care Departments and Staff (Nurse, doctors, billing coders, insurance claim adjusters, etc)

In order to be eligible, during registration, potential members must upload a photo of their work badge that details their full name and their photo or submit an official documentation with a  letterhead verifying their current employment with the above agency. This letter must also have a managerial/supervisor/human resource contact for auditing purposes.  

*Please note that if this is not completed-the account may be deleted within 24 hours WITHOUT notice*

Please allow 48-72 hours for approval to be made and account to be updated. 

Steps to Becoming a Member

  1. Be a current or retired (within 1 year) state of Minnesota employee [Click HERE for the most accurate list of approved state agencies]
  2. Register on the website using your work email address as your username
  3. Approval will be made, and a confirmation email will be sent to your work email address
  4. Like our Facebook Page to be notified of the latest deals with our partners or access deals on our Member Links Page after logging in
  5. To verify SEI membership, log into your portal and show your subscription expiration date to vendors for discounts

Payment Methods

If you cannot pay through the website, SEI has provided options for membership fee collection to streamline the process. You can send payments via methods below. When submitting payment, please include in the note or comment section:

First and Last Name
Work Email and Agency
Rep first and last name (Optional)
Rep email (Optional)

Once SEI receives the payment, an SEI admin will approve (new) or renew (past) members. If a member is not able to pay through these portals, they can arrange to deposit their own checks and cash to our checking account at Wells Fargo but must email the deposit slip to our Treasurer. All orders will be done via shopping cart. If you have any issues-contact the admin of the day; if there is a vacant spot, contact our secretary.

Offline Options

Any selection of the offline payment features have a prolonged time frame of being deposited.

Mailed Checks

PO Box 25938 Woodbury, MN 55125

Manual Deposit

Routing Number: 091000019 (contact with TREASURER for Wire Transfer or Secured Account Number)


State Employees, Inc (SEI) are looking for a handful of administrators to do secretarial duties for our non-profit organization. This will be a fantastic chance for you to network with employees throughout our state and government industries! In general, an admin will do tasks such as renew memberships, reset passwords, approve new accounts, and miscellaneous data entry tasks. Your time commitment will be between 1-3 hours a week and only one day a week!. All our admins will gain access to free membership for our discount deals and obtain free perks! Please contact our President if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity: 

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