State Employees, Inc.

Mainhia Ly




TPS | Emergency Management Coordinator


Associate | Physical Therapy Degree (2012)
Bachelor’s | Business Admin/Marketing/Project Management Degree (2021)
Masters | Business Admin/Project Management (2022)


Reorganized board structure to address conflicts
Reduced overhead complications
Implemented budgeting software
Created and defined volunteer recruitment programs
Created and managed reward incentives for teams and members
Designed and co-developed 2020 website to manage attention to consumer issues and concerns
Develop growth opportunities for organization and goals



President Responsibilities:

  • Business Contracts
  • Vendors
  • Goals/Mission
  • Rep Supervision and guidance

Mainhia has worked in the public sector for over 4 years. She is currently a Tech Specialist for the Attractive Roadsides department at MNDOT and is the designated Emergency Coordinator/Planner for Metro District. She is also Metro District’s Adopt-a-Highway Coordinator and Landscape Partnership Coordinator.

Mainhia graduated on the Dean’s List and Summa Cum Lunde at Metropolitan State University (2021) with a double major in Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in Project Management. 
She is studying at the same university for her Master’s in Business Administration (Fall 2022), taking Six Sigma courses and has over 200 hours in Emergency Management Training and FEMA’s NIMS program.

She has been involved in several organizations/programs since high school and has an on-going committed passion to giving back to her community. 
She enjoys playing pool, networking, socializing with family, friends and spending time with her two daughters. She has been involved with SEI since July 2019, advancing from a representative status to her current role. 

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