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Your membership allows you to obtain exclusive discounts for social and recreational activities that your family and you can enjoy throughout your membership period! These kinds of deals include our local vendors such as the Children’s museum, Como Zoo and so much more! Our Nationwide vendors that offer discounts would be businesses like A1 Travel, YMCA, Costco, ETC), please contact our admin team if you have any questions

As of 1/01/2021, there are no more membership cards. All our vendors will know to check member’s expiration dates by looking at the member’s profile from their phone and/or screenshot sent via email.

You can show this by logging in and viewing the SUBSCRIPTION section in the MEMBER STATUS Page.

Upon traveling to the vendor, most vendors check your expiration date on your profile. You must log into your profile to show this to them as proof of membership.

Under ‘MEMBER INFORMATION’, there is a page called “DISCOUNT | MEMBER ACCESS “. Members MUST log in to view this page and access discounts.

Check out our MEMBER ZONE Pages about membership, learn about free membership opportunities from our TEAM MEMBER ZONE Page or contact our admin team!

MEMBER STATUS Page shows you your profile information such as your  ACTIVE/INACTIVE Status, shipping information and/or your subscription information. This is also where you would go to show vendors your active status.

SHOPPING HISTORY PAGE is where you go to review all the orders you can downloaded or have made. It is part of the shopping cart history and  where you can make updates to your payment methods.

You can log out of your account in either accounts.

You can pay electronically with a bank account encrypted transfer, debit, credit card or crypto currency online.

You can opt to wire transfer, deposit into our SEI bank account or pay via paypal (

There are no refunds once a payment is made due to the integrity of the information being accessed and used.

Members are responsible for their billing and must recall to take their purchases/transactions off auto-billing to avoid recurring charges. SEI is not subject to fraudulent expenses should members forget to take their transactions off auto-bill. Members must change this option in their own Paypal/Stripe account.

Should there be a payment error, please contact our Treasurer via email ( so they can set up a claim and process refunds as needed. Please allow our treasurer one week to investigate all claims.

There should be a link to help you reset your password nearby the login.

Visit our membership plans to view how much the yearly cost would be.

You should receive an email when your membership expires and is up for renewal. All members are encouraged to login into their profile portal to view this information as well.

Log into your profile for directions on how to renew or look at view this how-to guide here.

Try to register with your work email address, you will get an error if you are already registered.

If not, sign up and you will get a welcome email while your account is being reviewed, then approved within 24-48 hours during business days.

You must be a government or state employee of Minnesota to be approved. You must register your username with your work email to verify your employment. You can register here.

You have to wait 2 hours and clear your cookies and browser. You can also try to reset your password by entering your email under the login area on the login web page. Contact an admin if you have further questions.

You can email our gmail account and our admin of the day will respond to you within 24-48 hours. 

Make sure to indicate ADMIN WESBITE ISSUE on the subject header.

Please log in and review the instructions on your MEMBER ACCOUNT Page or you can view these screenshot directions here.

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