There are several benefits of being a SEI REP:

  1. All reps receive FREE SEI membership
  2. Are the first to be notified of new discounts available
  3. Will have an opportunity to network with other employees from state departments
  4. Engage with other state employees to help boost employee morale

The responsibilities of being a SEI rep include the following:

  1. Be the point of contact for SEI members or potential members in your location
  2. Sign up state employees to become a SEI member
  3. Email discount announcements to your SEI members
  4. Keep track of your members and their expiration date
  5. Collect payments from members and send to the SEI Treasurer

There are a few steps to become a rep:

  1. Fill out the Online Rep Application from the website
  2. The President will review it and approve/deny the request
  3. A stack of SEI membership cards will be mailed to you from the Secretary
  4. Once approved, you will be invited to log in with a default password on the SEI website
  5. All materials and resources will be emailed by the President and will also be located under REP Resources