Become an SEI member by following these simple steps:

  1. Be a current or retired State of Minnesota employee
  2. Find a SEI rep closest to your work location by visiting the “Find a Rep” page
  3. Contact the SEI rep
    • Attach the following information:
      • Full Name:
      • Agency name:
      • Agency Address:
      • Agency Mailstop #: (to locate this, ask your mailroom admin)
      • Agency Phone:
      • Agency Email:
      • Personal Phone:
      • Personal Email:
  4. Once payment is made you will be registered by your SEI Rep on the SEI website
  5. A SEI Board member will approve your membership in a few short days
  6. Once approved, login to activate your account and access the “Members Discounts” page for links to the deals.
  7. Your SEI rep will also email you special deals.

It is as simple as that!